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Reviving the Spirit of the Amateur

<p>In the advent of sharing and connection, we have left behind the amateur and the leisurely hobbiest. Fearing public humiliation and mean spirits, it can be easier to leave experimentation behind for the pursuit of something more promising. We expect to be good, even great. </p>

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7 Learnings From Nixing Added Sugar For A Month

<p> After spending a harrowing month nixing added sugar, I've got some knowledge to drop. </p>

<p> *1. Zero grams of sugar doesn't always mean no sugar* If there are less than .5 grams of sugar in each serving, a company can claim zero grams on the nutrition label. </p>

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A Philosophy for Making Healthy, Goal-Oriented Choices Easier

<p> Simple rules and designs can create an environment that makes healthy life choices much more organic. You can make rather painless (albeit somewhat inconvenient) changes to architecture a life that will suit your goals better. Here are rules and designs I created for my goals: </p>

<p>To watch less TV, design the space so the television goes second. </p>

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10 Spirit Boosters for Sucky Days

We often don't speak honestly about struggles in public, but we all have them. I toiled over the loss of a job opportunity over I so dearly cherished last week. Reaching out to friends for support and perspective provides empowerment, but there are times when you need to hear the voice of others. These are ten pieces of inspiration that resonated with me deeply over the years and the struggles.

<p><h3>(1) Admiral William McRaven on the importance of starting the day with accomplishing a task – make your bed.</h3></p>

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